Our Beginnings

The Malaysian Intellectual Property Association (MIPA) was registered as a society under the Societies Act 1966 on 21st December 1989. It was formed to be a broad-based body to encompass practitioners in the field of intellectual property and other interested parties.


The Inaugural General Meeting of MIPA was held on 24th February 1990. The first office bearers of the association who were elected at the Inaugural meeting are: -

Dato V. L. Kandan - President
Mr. Lim Chong Chuan - Vice-President
Mr. Lee Tatt Boon - Secretary
Mr. Chew Phye Keat - Assistant Secretary
Mr. Darryl S C Goon - Treasurer


The following Committee Members were also elected to serve the association:

Ms. Katherine Lim Sui Hong
Mr. T. Kuhanandan
Mr. Wong Sai Fong
Ms. Rebecca Ong
Mr. R. Rajeswaran


The following were registered as members (individual and corporate) of MIPA on the incorporation date of the association: -

1. Mr. Goh Hian Poh
2. Mr. Lim Chong Chuan
3. Dato V. L. Kandan
4. Mr. Wong Sai Fong
5. Mr. Lee Tatt Boon
6. Messrs Skrine & Co
7. Mr. Darryl S C Goon
8. Messrs Mah-Kok & Din
9. Messrs Paul Ang & Co
10. Mr. R Rajeswaran
11. Messrs Chooi & Co
12. Ms. Chew Swee Yoke
13. Messrs Abdul RahmanDaud Daros & Associates
14. Mr. T. Kuhanandan
15. Ms. Katherine Lim Sui Hong
16. Ms. Rebecca Ong
17. Mr. Tan Siak Teng
18. Messrs Ram Rais & Partners
19. Ms. Caroline Francis


It was at the meeting on 24th February 1990 that the Constitution of the Association was formally adopted following its approval by the Registrar of Societies.


Amendments were made to allow the Executive Committee or the general body to form sub-committees or groupings to carry out its activities.


During the second half of 1990, following the amendments made to the MIPA Constitution at the Inaugural General Meeting, the Asian Patent Attorneys Association [APAA] Sub-committee was formed and Dato V. L. Kandan was elected as the Chairman of the said Sub-committee.


From the early days, MIPA had started building a strong bond with the Registries of Patents and Trade Marks as it was known then. The first meeting with the Registry was held on 24th November 1990. Over the years the cooperation between MIPA and MyIPO, as it is now known, has grown closer. MIPA continues in its efforts to build and enhance IP awareness amongst the general public.


In 1998, MyIPO formed the Malaysian Intellectual Property Training Centre (IPTC) to take care of the IP training needs of the country. MIPA took steps to support the activities of the centre.


MIPA also played a leading role in the formation of the ASEAN Intellectual Property Association (ASEAN IPA). This and the recognition by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) of ASEAN IPA as a non-governmental organization are important achievements in the early history of MIPA.